Exploration Geology Initiative in Congo


INEX - DRC (Initiative pour l'Exploration Géologique du Congo) is a non-profit organization based in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). It was established in its current form in 2020 but the initiative started in 2016. It focuses on promoting research projects, establishing strong links between universities and practitioners, and seeking funding for economic and exploration geology projects throughout the DRC. INEX's main mission is to advance the future of geoscience research in the DRC while supporting researchers and academic research through multidisciplinary collaborative initiatives.

Our Community

Practising geologists

The practicing geologists.

Practising geologists

Practicing geologists...

Practicing industrial geologists and academics all focus on field work, which is a step in the right direction....

Students and academics

Students participate.

Students and academics

Students participate...

Students are actively involved in research and innovation in science. As such, they have a great social responsibility. To supervise...

INEX defines three priority fields of action to support its objectives

1. An in-depth knowledge of INEX geological information systems envisages improving the quality of information on geological exploration activities carried out or to be carried out in the DR Congo in order to cover little or poorly explored areas and lead to the generation of a national database documenting past and future work. 2. Reinforcement of human and institutional capacities Through the continuous supervision of the Universities to better direct their research towards what will interest the industry tomorrow. Through technical assistance, coaching and mentoring. Research institutions will benefit from a partnership for the improvement of geological and spatial data management. 3. Define a long-term vision for the mineral, water & energy, environmental and geotourism resources sector Provide a framework for strategic direction to better influence government policy on natural resources and build capacity in value chain analysis.


RENFORCEMENT DES CAPACITÉS Atelier modulaire de 10 jours │ 7-17...

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GeOpen Talk

Après la série des exposés magistraux par des spécialistes, l’Initiative...

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